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Ninja Lounge at Spundae

Jul 22 2006 9:00 pm
Jul 23 2006 4:00 am

We invade Spundae with our sexy Pocket friends and Porter Tinsley (who can kick your ass and steal your girlfriend).

So put on your kung-fu, geisha, ninja, eastern fusion attire and get on our free guestlist!

Everyone on our mailing list will get instructions on how to get in for FREE instead of $25 Register now if you haven't already!

DJ RAP :: Proper :: UK
She has been the undisputed queen of the turntables and the number one female DJ in the world, simultaneously a label owner,producer, and recording artist. She has been a prime mover, the prime female mover in fact. Six years ago her first album was released in the UK and the USA and ended up selling hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. She has many seminal dance classics to her credit, with several mix compilation CDs, and upwards of 20 releases on her own imprint, PROPER TALENT.

100 July 12, 2006

Angels and Pixies 2004 - by Guardian

his is my first mix ever recorded. And still my favorite. More mixes to come.

69:15 minutes (8 MB)
101 July 11, 2006

B'Dub _ between us, the space echoes on and on... - by Rhines

01- Bomb The Bass__Dark Heart (major force remix) :: Stoned Heights

02- Joshua__Possess :: Seasons

03- Hammerhead__Defonix (patrick turner remix) :: Drenched

04- Jay Tripwire__Robots in Disguise :: Warbled

05- Succulent__Beads :: Grayhound

06- Nathan Coles__Buck Raas :: 10 Kilo

07- Grant Dell & Gareth Oxby__Ghetto People :: Nightshift

08- Cutlab__Alpha (chatelain aquatic dub) :: Big Chief

09- Juan Iborra__House Rallante (hipp-e’s dub) :: Darkroom Dubs

10- Dub Theory meets DJ Nathan__Jah Calling (dub theory remix) :: Care

11- Dubloner__Wrapper Turnip :: Headinghome Read more »

79:57 minutes (8 MB)
168 July 07, 2006

The Window - by Rhines

01-10 Piece Metric Wrench Set _-_ Steinski & Amon Tobin

02-The Trader _-_ Cass

03-Darkness _-_ Satoshi Tomiie
(S.T. dark percussion)

04-Mescalito _-_ Sourmash
(pablo gargano beatbox remix)

05-Ageing _-_ Inertia
(fade remix)

06-Star System _-_ Frontline
(danster remix)

07-Static _-_ Duality

08-Slap It _-_ Fluke
(untitled no. 3)

09-Microdot _-_ DJ Ali

10-Digital Blue _-_ Kingkade & Airey

11-Mescalito _-_ Sourmash

12-Genelec _-_ Revolt
(kinkade remix)

13-Drums 4 Better Daze _-_ Lovesky
(16C+ remix)

14-Serious Damage _-_ DJ Remy
(starecase remix) Read more »

79:39 minutes (8 MB)
164 July 06, 2006

Every Night Out Rolled Into One v.1 - by Rhines

mixed by rhines

01. Night Of The Elastic - Broadway Danny Rose - 10 Kilo

02. Above The Clouds (evil 9 mix) - McMillan + Tab - In-Flight

03. Toddler (blim's cry baby mix) - Flack . Su - Chi Recordings

04. Bounce (rennie pilgrem & blim secret mix) - Uberzone - TCR

05. In Session Part 2 - Janette Slack - iBreaks

06. Boomerang - ECT - Carbon Recordings

07. Bubblegum 1 - AKA - Narcotix

08. Driving (blim & carter - itsaremix) - Blim - TCR

09. Yaffle - Rennie Pilgrem & Blim - TCR

10. Obsessive Nature - Kiro vs Undecided feat. Six Kitten B - Mob Records

11. Big Chat Version - Roxkiller: Chris Carter & JHz - Record Records Read more »

79:57 minutes (8 MB)
186 July 06, 2006

4th of July cooking

Picture a river boat, in the middle of 150 luxary boats. Imagine 2000 wats of pumping sound making the dress socks to the knees, newport beach homeowners nervous. Feel 150 high on life partiers dancing so much that the boat captain became sketchy. Watch as the pleasure vessels cruised by and one by one thay would circle around us and rock out to our music from 50 yards away. Sprinkle in some war stories of how people walked holes in their shoes to get there or circled the peninsula like vultures for hours trying to find parking. Add a dash of brilliant fireworks shows from the newport harbor and the Irvine downtown. Read more »

0 July 05, 2006

Updated Info for the 4th of July!

Hey y'all! Parking is going to be a madhouse on July 4th in Newport so below is a suggestion on how to beat the streets. Bear in mind if coming from places remote to carpool. You can also try to park somewhere close by and hop a cab to the dock.

BE THERE EARLY! We are expecting to sell out as we only have room for about 100 people on the Electric Riverboat. We are shoving off at 2pm SHARP! My suggestion would be to be there somewhere around 1-130.

So come on down and share some phatty beats and good vibes.

82 July 03, 2006

The L.A.P.D. Cuts

Dark techy chunky funky breaks straight from the 818 to your plate (ain't it great?) Click Here to Play on WaxDJ

0 bytes
159 June 28, 2006

Freedom Float on the Electric River Boat - Ninja Pendants Day!

Jul 4 2006 2:00 pm
Jul 4 2006 10:00 pm

Freedom Float on the Electric River Boat - Ninja Pendants Day!

Celebrate Ninja-Pendants Day with us!
Read about the history of Ninja Pendants Day



It is HIGHLY recommended to carpool.

The peninsula on the 4th is packed!
Leave early to get there early!

You will want to be parked by 1:30, and to the boat by 1:45...

We will have music going non-stop from 1:45 thru till 10pm!

Get Ready...
cuz we're gonna blow up the 4th Bigtime!

Also, you can take the Ferry across from the PCH! It's probably way easier, and will take you directly to where the party boat is docked!
check it out below!

131 June 27, 2006

Lightning in a Bottle

Jul 14 2006 12:00 pm
Jul 16 2006 12:00 pm

Lightning in a Bottle

Our homies at the Do Lab ( you know those guys that throw AMAZING events? ) are throwing a 3 day event. If you can't make it to Elysium FOR SURE check this out!

146 June 26, 2006