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The Journey North - by Mark Zabala

A Journey North is a Breaks mix dedicated to my best friend Melissa (aka Bunny). She moved to Seattle, and this mix reflects all the crazy times we've had in past seven years we've known each other. It is a non-vocal narrative journey that goes from the awe and wonder of the unknown to confident and fresh fun. It progresses further into uncharted and adventurous territorties that can become dark and frightening at times, but acceptance of that experience pulls us out of those period and develops into a bright and wonderful present and future.

68:01 minutes (8 MB)
158 June 21, 2006

Saynt's Spaceship Roller-Disco-01 - by Saynt

A trippy journey to the planet of Afros and Aliens...

48:33 minutes (8 MB)
177 June 23, 2006

The L.A.P.D. Cuts

Dark techy chunky funky breaks straight from the 818 to your plate (ain't it great?) Click Here to Play on WaxDJ

0 bytes
159 June 28, 2006

Every Night Out Rolled Into One v.1 - by Rhines

mixed by rhines

01. Night Of The Elastic - Broadway Danny Rose - 10 Kilo

02. Above The Clouds (evil 9 mix) - McMillan + Tab - In-Flight

03. Toddler (blim's cry baby mix) - Flack . Su - Chi Recordings

04. Bounce (rennie pilgrem & blim secret mix) - Uberzone - TCR

05. In Session Part 2 - Janette Slack - iBreaks

06. Boomerang - ECT - Carbon Recordings

07. Bubblegum 1 - AKA - Narcotix

08. Driving (blim & carter - itsaremix) - Blim - TCR

09. Yaffle - Rennie Pilgrem & Blim - TCR

10. Obsessive Nature - Kiro vs Undecided feat. Six Kitten B - Mob Records

11. Big Chat Version - Roxkiller: Chris Carter & JHz - Record Records Read more »

79:57 minutes (8 MB)
186 July 06, 2006

The Window - by Rhines

01-10 Piece Metric Wrench Set _-_ Steinski & Amon Tobin

02-The Trader _-_ Cass

03-Darkness _-_ Satoshi Tomiie
(S.T. dark percussion)

04-Mescalito _-_ Sourmash
(pablo gargano beatbox remix)

05-Ageing _-_ Inertia
(fade remix)

06-Star System _-_ Frontline
(danster remix)

07-Static _-_ Duality

08-Slap It _-_ Fluke
(untitled no. 3)

09-Microdot _-_ DJ Ali

10-Digital Blue _-_ Kingkade & Airey

11-Mescalito _-_ Sourmash

12-Genelec _-_ Revolt
(kinkade remix)

13-Drums 4 Better Daze _-_ Lovesky
(16C+ remix)

14-Serious Damage _-_ DJ Remy
(starecase remix) Read more »

79:39 minutes (8 MB)
164 July 06, 2006

B'Dub _ between us, the space echoes on and on... - by Rhines

01- Bomb The Bass__Dark Heart (major force remix) :: Stoned Heights

02- Joshua__Possess :: Seasons

03- Hammerhead__Defonix (patrick turner remix) :: Drenched

04- Jay Tripwire__Robots in Disguise :: Warbled

05- Succulent__Beads :: Grayhound

06- Nathan Coles__Buck Raas :: 10 Kilo

07- Grant Dell & Gareth Oxby__Ghetto People :: Nightshift

08- Cutlab__Alpha (chatelain aquatic dub) :: Big Chief

09- Juan Iborra__House Rallante (hipp-e’s dub) :: Darkroom Dubs

10- Dub Theory meets DJ Nathan__Jah Calling (dub theory remix) :: Care

11- Dubloner__Wrapper Turnip :: Headinghome Read more »

79:57 minutes (8 MB)
168 July 07, 2006

Angels and Pixies 2004 - by Guardian

his is my first mix ever recorded. And still my favorite. More mixes to come.

69:15 minutes (8 MB)
101 July 11, 2006

Afros and Hippie Soup - by Saynt

So... I recall shortly after Fuente Eterno, that I was surfing around the web... you know... checking out other DJs websites and stuff. I noticed that our boy down south, 20Meat, a kick ass DJ, and one of the organizers of the Elysium Festival had done a mix inspired by his experience with us at Fuente.

So, I thought it would be a super cool idea to do a mix of my experience at HIS event. So here it is... something born of the pool and destined for it again. From me to all of you. Hope it inspires visions of all your friends beating the heat in the water where they are half naked and fully drunk! Read more »

59:32 minutes (8 MB)
170 July 26, 2006

Deep and SEXY - by DJ Michael INSANe

Michael Insane has another side... think Chef from south park only in electronic music. So guess what kind of music this mix is. That's right, Deep, Sexy, House.

79:57 minutes (8 MB)
217 August 09, 2006

Secret Council - by Michael Insane

2031, The powers that be are squeasing their imperialistic claws around the neck of the free thinking society. The Pirate council has been hunted or subjugated to the brink of their existance. The ninja Council has gone even deeper underground. The last of the true Samuri walks down rainy alleyways in a neon city searching for the SECRET COUNCIL.

57:36 minutes (8 MB)
247 September 22, 2006