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Welcome to the Ninja Skillz Temple

After consulting with the International Ninja Council (INC), we at Ninja Skillz have decided to make a small portion of our organization public. In the past, one had to overcome many obstacles in order to find one of the many hidden and often treacherous paths to our organization, but these modern times call for rapid evolution. The drunken, seafaring invaders continue to rapidly breed despite our many successful castration missions and of course the various diseases they carry. However, it seems as though our ninja outreach program has enjoyed immense success.

To the pirates who have stumbled across this page, we invite you to take a look around, we know why you are here. We understand the painful life of being a pirate and the doubts you are beginning to have about your chosen way of life. We all know that rum is often the only thing that can make the pain go away. However, there is hope. We invite you to take a peek into the ninja way of life. Our focus, dicipline and ninja skillz pay off when it comes to enjoying life to the fullest. Come join us at our next underground ninja gathering and see what lies just underneath the thin veil of reality. Read more »

40 March 28, 2006