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Jul 6 2007 9:00 pm
Jul 7 2007 2:00 am

Forbidden Island: Forbidden Island Flier

In the far reaches of the Pacific, the Ninja Clan are on a mission spanning multiple continents, sailing a vessel commissioned by the Emperor himself. Without warning, the Ninja are besieged by the unyielding winds of the sea and find themselves shipwrecked on a remote island deep in the archaic waters of the Pacific. As they forage for wood to rebuild their ship, they can not help but bear witness to the toil of a society with little food or water, slaving away for a ruthless king. This confrontation with social injustice is more than the Ninja can bear and they demand to be taken to the Sacred temple to negotiate the inhabitants freedom. An offer is made. If they are able to please Undun, Supreme God of the island, with their Ninjaskill, the souls of every man, woman and child on the island will be set free from bondage. If not, they will live amongst the people, never to complete their mission, enslaved amongst the residents of the village forever. And so, the Ninja endeavor to appease the God of the island with music culled from the ends of the earth. Help the Ninja in their quest. It is their most important evening ever as they attempt to bring justice and peace to Forbidden Island.

The Ninjaskillz present:

Forbidden Island

Sacred Temple

  • Jason Blakemore (LifeMusic)
  • Jesse Wright (Pocket Underground)
  • Guardian (Ninjaskillz)
  • PhilDog (Ninjaskillz)

Serenity Beach

  • Brassworks Agency (Merck Records, Auxprocess)
  • Faith (StormRiders)
  • Saynt (Ninjaskillz)
  • Hyjynx (Ninjaskillz)

Fire Mountain

  • Wobs & Nonfiction (Focus, Elevate, DJ Culture)
  • Mike Insane (Ninjaskillz)
  • JP & Rhines (Ninjaskillz, DJ Culture)

At our brand new island location:

Zen Sushi
2609 Hyperion Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

21+ | 9pm - 2am

Full Sushi Bar all night

Free admission before 10pm
$5 w/a canned food item
$10 full admission price

(Food donations will go to a local Charity Food Bank)

84 June 21, 2007

Gay Tech House For Hippies - Sammy Bliss

This was actually a warm up CD I recorded before the one I had intended to record, with some new tracks I had just gotten ahold of, but I ended up liking this one better. It's imperfect and a little rough around the edges . . . kinda like me. Enjoy!

70:07 minutes (8 MB)
199 June 15, 2007

Kathanika Fundraiser this Saturday

Jun 16 2007 9:36 am

Ninjas and Moontribers UNITE! Kathanika is hosting a fundraiser for their camp at Burning Man this year and you are all invited to witness the mad spectacle!

***** DJS ******
BRAD ( Moontribe )
Mark Zabala ( NinjaSkillz.Net )
Mike Insane VS. Saynt ( NinjaSkillz.Net )

@ Club Fais Do Do - 5257 West Adams, Los Angeles CA

8pm - 2am / $15

191 June 14, 2007

JP & Rhines @ PROOF - Santa Ana Arts District - 6.16.07

Jun 16 2007 9:00 pm
Jun 17 2007 2:00 am

JP & Rhines @ PROOF - Santa Ana Arts District - 6.16.07

This night will GO OFF!

don't miss it...

Proof Bar
215 N. Broadway
Arts District
Santa Ana, CA, 92701
United States

212 June 07, 2007

Rhines @ TRUST _ 9:45 - 10:45pm!

Jun 9 2007 9:00 pm
Jun 10 2007 2:00 am

Rhines @ TRUST  _  9:45 - 10:45pm!

Come out EARLY this saturday night, get in FREE before 10:30, and see me throw down a very special, ultra dope, super tight breakbeat set!

see YOU there!

Proof Bar
215 N. Broadway
Arts District
Santa Ana, CA, 92701
United States

114 June 07, 2007

SASHA, LUKE FAIR, Blue Insomnia, and Ninja Skillz @ GIANT

Jun 9 2007 9:00 pm
Jun 10 2007 2:00 am

I cant even tell you how unbeleivably excited we are about this...
The title should say it all....


105 June 06, 2007

Elysium Midsummer Festival 07!

Jun 22 2007 12:00 pm
Jun 24 2007 12:00 pm

The Elysium team is going ALL OUT on this year's Elysium Midsummer Festival. Not only are they assembling some of the most talented DJs in the scene, but they are bringing out some incredibly diverse live acts to throw into the mix. Toss in amazing production, a beer garden, oak trees, water, and 800 or so of your closest friends.... you've got a recipe for absolute mayhem. I'm rather excited...

Here's the dealy-o
To live, fully, is to know that paradise can exist everyday, if only you set your mind upon the things that inspire you to take action. Engage yourself with other spirits of passion in a midsummer music festival. Welcome to fields of Elysium.

121 June 06, 2007

Mark Zabala - Hardesertechno

An older mix for all you old school mutants fighting the good fight against sentinels.

74:02 minutes (8 MB)
259 May 23, 2007

JP & Rhines w/ Nectar : live @DetroitBar! _ w/ Conscious Pilot & Riki Yamada:: 05.11.07-Friday Night!

May 11 2007 10:00 pm
May 12 2007 2:00 am

JP & Rhines w/ Nectar : live @DetroitBar!  _ w/ Conscious Pilot & Riki Yamada:: 05.11.07-Friday Night!

That's right! We're doing it again!

We have a $5 Guestlist (before 11pm)!

...and because we are having this night as our DVD Release Party, you're name on our guestlist guarantees you a FREE copy!

so, make sure you send me your full names... no plus's...
and be ready to have an awesome night as we take it to the next level and blow Detroit Bar up! I think they got a new roof, as the last time we played in December for the recording of the DVD, we BLEW IT THE HELL OFF!!!

see YOU there Friday Night!
peace out and later daze,

Bristol Sessions @ Detroit Bar
Friday Night _ May 11th 2007

85 May 02, 2007

NON PARTY RELATED*** HD film needs your help!

May 20 2007 11:00 am

NON PARTY RELATED*** HD film needs your help!

Hello everyone,

I know this isn't a party but it is similar... I am in the middle of producing a short film on HD and we are looking for atmosphere for a marrtini bar scene... who better to get than the very sexy people who ccome out to our humble events ! So, I really would love some of you to come and spend the day with us on Sunday the 20th of May.

So, please RSVP to me @ (12th-round-entertainment-dot-com)

Michael Insane

65 April 29, 2007