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So yer Carnie Uncle Saynt is honored to be the featured artist along with Javier Crespo from Valencia, Spain on

Check it out!

53 August 07, 2006

HIPGENESIS: ROARING 2020's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 5 2006 9:00 pm
Aug 6 2006 4:00 am

Now we ninja types aren't playing records there.... but we will be there
playing. Get it? Huh Huh? Wink Wink.... nudge nudge.... Wolfie is our boy
and this party is going to be OUT OF CONTROL! Secret codes? Passwords?
How much more ninja is that?

A Fascist Imperium oppresses us all. Prohibition is back. Not just on
alcohol, but on music and art as well. However, what they repress can only
grow stronger. Not all is lost. Only hidden... ( <--- Like Ninjas )

Bedlam & Hipgenesis presents:

The Imperium has declared dancing and drinking illegal, and the law
restricts music, art, and deviant behavior. In these dark days of
prohibition, however, the flames of culture still burn for those who know
where to look. Passwords and elegant attire open the doors to secret
underground clubs and speakeasies. For one night, under one roof, celebrate
the roaring spark that can never be taken away.

99 August 04, 2006

BLEEP Fest 2006!!!!!!!!

Aug 12 2006 1:00 pm
Aug 12 2006 9:00 pm

BLEEP Fest 2006!!!!!!!!

So... you know you've seen the movie.
" What the BLEEP do we know? "
Its a brilliant film that delves into quantum physics and the places where it merges with mysticism.

ANYHOO... There is going to be a festival called BLEEP Fest and MARK ZABALA and SAYNT are going to be playing there and will be joined by some of their talented friends from MACHINA CANDEO, HOOPNOTICA and maybe some surprises!

IF THAT WASN'T ENOUGH... We get the special ninja skillz ticket price of $25 (plus$1 paypal charge) as opposed to the $45 that it would normally be.

I hope you're as excited about this as we are...

Here's the Info:
BLEEP Fest 2006 is a one-day event, which will be held at the California Science Center – Wallis Annenberg Bldg. in a gorgeous atrium "lab" beside the Exposition Park Rose Gardens on August 12th from 1pm-9pm. It is going to be a blast! Actress Elaine Hendrix (Jennifer) will serve as festival host, and guest speaker Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Fred Alan Wolf will give a talk during the day. Performing live are soundtrack artists John Serrie and Aeon Spoke as well as Bosendorfer artist Alan Roubik, Lili Haydn, the band fwap - formerly known as Zazen, Gordon Grobelny and other surprise talents.
Filmmakers Will Arntz and Betsy Chasse will be there for book and DVD signings. *All appearances subject to availability*

An open floor area for dance and movement (and DJs, of course) will feature prominently, along with Community Sharings, Art by Coe Kitten, a Bamboo Garden, Raffle Drawings, Sneak-peak DVD footage, and over 30 really cool merchandise, food and service vendors.

First come, first serve basis festival seating, as well as a copy of a collector's edition Dr. Quantum Comic Book and a chance to win official BLEEP merchandise. Water sponsorship provided by H2Om WATER. All appearances are subject to availability.

The California Science Center is located at 700 State Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90037. Parking is $6 for cars and $10 per commercial van, limo or bus.

199 August 01, 2006

Ninjas INVADE THE LBC!!!!!!

Aug 16 2006 9:00 pm
Aug 17 2006 2:00 am

So myself, Mark Zabala, and JP & Rhines will be blowing up the LBC as guests of Brian Thomas and Ryan Cirel at The Hump @ SATCHI on August 16th.

Yes... I know it's a Wednesday, but for those of you who joined us on the 4th of July Boat Part and witnessed the beautiful synergy of the ninjas and the rockstar OC Underground, you will know this is a night NOT to be missed.

Lets show the LBC how us Ninjas do thingz! Come out and support.... oh and be sure to order a Man Peach at the Bar... you'll thank me...

~ Yer Carnie Uncle Saynt

86 July 30, 2006

BACKROOM LOUNGE @ Blowfish in Beverly Hills

Aug 10 2006 11:00 pm
Aug 11 2006 2:00 am

BACKROOM LOUNGE @ Blowfish in Beverly Hills

silicon, raw fish, platinum cards, good looking year round tans, new vintage tees, kennith cole shoes, tasty expensive drinks, valet parking, and your very own Sake drinking ronin to guide you through the posh minefield! Come join me as we take over BLOWFISH on August 10th! Blowfish is located on the border of WeHo and Beverly hills. It is an amazing sushi joint that has tables for reservation in the club area as well as main dining room seating. It is sexy hollywood/ Beverly Hills without all of the posturing and attitude. The perfect kind of joing for ninjas to invade.

100 July 28, 2006

One of our Own...

The Phoenix Projekt has been a close friend of ours to the point where we consider them family. We've done a ton of shows with them and we seem to work together and resonate really well. I remember one particular show was at Xara this year. We brought down the various bits of the PP stage and had a time of getting it put together. I remember 1 individual who never stopped working. Never complained. Seemed absolutely commited to making it work. He was tireless. The guy's name is Lou. Lou's in a bit of a bind right now and just as he surely has and would give to us, it's in our power to step in and help out our family. Below is information forwarded from Josh Belson ( another PP Firedancer ) on how we can help. Help in anyway you can from the material to the spiritual. Send healing thoughts and prayers... Read more »

49 July 26, 2006

Afros and Hippie Soup - by Saynt

So... I recall shortly after Fuente Eterno, that I was surfing around the web... you know... checking out other DJs websites and stuff. I noticed that our boy down south, 20Meat, a kick ass DJ, and one of the organizers of the Elysium Festival had done a mix inspired by his experience with us at Fuente.

So, I thought it would be a super cool idea to do a mix of my experience at HIS event. So here it is... something born of the pool and destined for it again. From me to all of you. Hope it inspires visions of all your friends beating the heat in the water where they are half naked and fully drunk! Read more »

59:32 minutes (8 MB)
170 July 26, 2006


Aug 5 2006 2:00 pm
Aug 5 2006 10:00 pm

So we're getting together with the Fyrebringer peepz to raise some fundage for the crew. Not to worry, it goes 2pm to 10pm, so you can party with us, then hustle yourself over to Wolfie & Hipgen's Roaring 2020's party.

There are a few VERY important factors about this party:
- Bikini Wrestling.
- Porter & Saynt in a tag team to the DEATH!
- The rarely seen Scorpia and brand spanking new Dark Matter will be ripping it up.
- Bikini Wrestling.

Thank you, that is all...
Here's yer info:

Fyrebringer Studios Fundraiser
Saturday, August 5th
2:00 - 10:00pm

86 July 25, 2006

Thursday Night Confession @ AVALON POSTPONED

Yeah... I know. Bummer huh? I was REALLY looking forward to playing and manipulating the monsterous sound system at Avalon, but I am assured that it will be another day. Due to some logistical issues and stuff that couldn't be changed, they had to postpone the evening to a later date and possibly a different location.

Not to worry, yer Carnie Uncle Saynt will be bangin the beats soon at a place near YOU!

I hear Bad Boy Bill is playing at a club in OC on Thursday if anyone wants to come with and get yer Uncle drunk!

Shoot me an email for info on that.

Gropes 'n Grabs,
~ S

95 July 25, 2006

The _______ of the Pacific Yacht Party!!!!!!

Ok Ok Ok.... Yeah, I Know this is a Pirate party. Sure, there will be a ton of Pirates. Be that as it may... my boy Blue is putting on one hell of a party. If you haven't got your tickets already, you should....

Porter, Jesse Wright, Wolfie, and myself are all hoppin on an Amtrak to get that party started early.... here's the info on THAT little tidbit...

Here's the info on the Train down. After the party, Blue ) Our overly gracious host ) is going to wisk everyone away on a limo bus to the after party, then to his home to crash before we all get up all bleary eyed and ship off to the trainstation in the morning.... Read more »

79 July 19, 2006