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Mark Zabala @ Hyperborea

Jun 9 2007 8:00 pm

Mark Zabala @ Hyperborea

On June 9th, the Audio Response Team will bring you to Hyperborea. Have your papers ready.

A night of light and sound, a morning of sound and sunshine. Familiar faces will share with neophytes the blending of cosmic soundscapes amongst sacred verdant groves under a ceiling of astronomical infinity.

Hyperborea: your apex on June 9th.

Todd Spero
Mark Zabala
Philip Evans
Dr. Bombay
Frozen Horse
& More

Sound by Alien Underground

165 April 19, 2007


May 11 2007 12:00 pm
May 13 2007 12:00 pm

Yer Carnie Uncle Saynt is HONORED to be joining one of the sickest musical lineups ever conceived of by man. I can't do it justice, check it out.

477 April 10, 2007

Blue - Wolfie - Porter Tinsley - Saynt at Joseph's in the Main Room!

Apr 29 2007 1:00 pm
Apr 29 2007 8:00 pm

So after a debaucherous night at the Vanguard, we're going to pull you IMMEDIATELY into some more shinanigans! The Fabtastic Four will be taking over the Main Room at Joseph's in Hollywood for round 2 of the Shiney Shirt Outreach Program!

In Le Main Room ( Ye Olde ) 1pm - 8pm or so.

Yer Carnie Uncle SAYNT

IT IS $5 Per Person and YOU MUST RSVP To yer Uncle Saynt for the guestlist. THIS IS HOW THEY TRACK HOW AWESOME WE ARE. Help ya brothas and sista out.

rsvp to

EM Sundays at Joseph's
1775 N. Ivar St.
(Right behind Avalon)

230 April 10, 2007

Judge Jules- Blue - Wolfie - Porter Tinsley - JP & Rhines - Saynt @ The VANGUARD BABY!

Apr 28 2007 9:00 pm
Apr 29 2007 2:00 am

We have been summoned to add some culture and vibe to the best club in Los Angeles. The underground is taking over Club Vanguard and all of us on the list gets VIP access and discounted price with out time limits. Vanguard is the only club in the west with the one and only FUNCTION ONE sound system. We all get VIP treatment and a separate line just for Blue Insomnia guest list and ticket holders. In addition, we all get discounted tickets to this amazing night with Judge Jules and our favorite local DJs. Be sure to purchase your discounted tickets here to get VIP access and no time limit of arrival. You may also sign on the guest list, however, you must arrive at the door no later than 11:00pm to still get the benefits. So either pre-purchase your tickets now, or

155 April 10, 2007


Jun 1 2007 12:00 pm
Jun 3 2007 12:00 pm

In the most primal sense, mankind has been gathering under the auspices of ritual and celebration since man first
learned to move. In this scared tradition, we close our eyes and give ourselves over completely to the divine pulse. A rhythm to the
universe. This transcendent beat is evident in all things, and is the foundation on which the symphony of our lives comes to glorious
fruition. In the presence of family, friends, and kindred spirits, this simple song becomes deafening and unstoppable. We as a family
and community are the stewards of this ancient rite. It is put to us to carry forth the tradition of the most basic form of celebration and

Like something from a vision, a beach of pure white sand materializes in Mexico. Regardless of participating in the
celebration last year or hearing the tales told by others, we have been drawn to this place where earth meets water and water meets sky. Once there, we find our thoughts becomes something like the cool ocean breeze that washes away the burdens we place on our minds. We find that our breath becomes something like the cycle of the waves. It's pace calm and measured with a playful or even joyous swell. We find the seemingly distant cadence of a tribal drum becomes something like our heartbeat. A sonic reference to an ancient fable whose next chapter is to be written by us. In this place. At this time.

It is this sensation that re-awakens the Paradise Soul.

Join us once more as we journey southward to another magical destination. A beach flung far from any static reality where the silver sheen of a moon-kissed ocean breaks against a wind-swept shore. The finest musical mystics have assembled to guide us
through a practice as old as the sea. Gather amongst your friends and family and release the infinite potential of your spirit.

WELCOME TO ALMA PARADISO :: June 1-3, 2007 La Salina
Beach, Baja Mexico

Capacity: 450_Unfortunately, we cannot increase the capacity as to keep the core family intact and make the experience as meaningful as possible.
As you know, these events sell out fast. Due to the overwhelming response and positive feedback, we are expecting more interests
this year. Therefore, BELEIVE US when we say to get your tickets now.

The main stage will fire up the sounds on Friday and Saturday night from 8pm to 4am. There will be a full stage along with
a dance floor constructed on the beach right infront of the waves. This main stage will serve mainly for DJs and fire performances.

Paradise Lounge:
We are also building an exotic venue for acoustic alchemy sets during the day and after hours (2am-8am) with chillout, lounge, and sunrise sets with many live performances, world music, belly dancing and down tempo DJ sets. >From Organic Music, Art and Yoga
in the morning to an Electronic, Cosmic Meditation throughout the night. >From the sand between your toes to your head in the Cosmos,
paradise lounge will be there when needed.

Blue (SD)
Saynt (OC)
Wolfie (LA)
Fatfinger (LA)
Jokton Strealy (LA)
Hyjynx (LA)
Oscure (LA)
Nick The Neck (LA)
Guardian (LA)
Porter Tinsley (LA)
Jesse Wright (LA)
Sammy Bliss (LA)
Mike Insane (LA)
Machina Candeo
JP & Rhines (OC)
Skandar (SD)
Moody Moore (SD)
Zak Brown (LA)
Turkish Trio (Live performance)
Brutus (glitch-chill)
SandBag (world mix-chill)
Blackass (dubb-stepp & glitch)
Seda (DT Glitch, Dub)
Shimmy Sisters (Belly Dancing)
Anja (SD)


There is plenty of secure parking. There is no extra charge for parking. There are remodeled flushable bathrooms and showers.
Security has been increased to ensure the safety of everyone's person and belongings.

Tickets and complete details:

330 April 10, 2007


Apr 8 2007 9:00 pm
Apr 9 2007 2:00 am

Start your weekend off with NINJAS @ Forbidden Foolz


End your weekend PROPER with MORE NINJAS @ The MOR Bar!

Grab that Red Bull, pry yourself off the couch and give Monday Morning the finger! I mean seriously... Sunday is STILL a weekend day right? DONT LET THE MAN KEEP YOU DOWN!

Instead, come shake a tail feather with yer Ninja Palz

Phil Dog ( NinjaSkillz.Net )
Guardian ( NinjaSkillz.Net, RLD )
Saynt ( NinjaSkillz.Net, RLD )

2 for 1 beers early on and other goodies!

Located at the Mor Bar in Santa Monica
2941 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA

100 April 06, 2007


Apr 13 2007 9:00 pm
Apr 14 2007 2:00 am

I know some crazy kids. Crazy kids that at times make us ninja folks actually look sane. Just this weekend one of them was telling me how it was OK for me to be useless for once. Outside of that, SKANDAR and MOODY MOORE head up the 8:39 crew and they have invited us ninja types down to be on had to ROCK ASSES in San Diego on April 13th. We TOTALLY dig on the 8:39'ers and have played with them on many an occasion ( despite the fact that Skandar is actively plotting Mark Zabala's demise.... seriously... just ask him ).


8:39 Presents Electric SHOCK!

409 April 02, 2007


Apr 6 2007 9:00 pm
Apr 7 2007 2:00 am

Calling all Fools and Freaks! Jesters and Jokers! Your Pals at Ninja Skillz are calling you out for a very special night of sillyness, grab-assing, and abject stupidity at Forbidden Foolz. This is the next in our monthly installment of Ninja Skillz Shinanigans and we are proud to welcome SIMPLY JEFF, MIZOTA, 220V, darkMatter, and our own Ninjas, Sammy Bliss, Mark Zabala, JP, and Rhines. This is a night of not taking yourself AT ALL seriously. A Masquerade for Maniacs. A Confederate of Dunces. All our favorite freaks!

We'll see you there!
::Ninjaskillz Monthly @Mountain Bar in Chinatown::

153 March 26, 2007



01:45-02:45 : 03.11.07

Canyon de Guadalupe, Mexico

Thank You Everyone!

this is hour one of our set... steady cam from the stage, captured various fire dancers/spinners, all of you crazy people we love dancin' and screamin' up front, as well as a few appearances on stage by: Laird (quickly gettin' his records), Wolfie (gettin' his records, with a real close up shot of his back and jacket, and a little camera bump, hehe), Turo (takin a few shots), and Cat ("that was sooo good", a hug and again a bit of camera bumpage, hehe).... Read more »

68 March 26, 2007


What can I say? This is my version of the EPIC pool party at Fuente Eterno '07

51:09 minutes (8 MB)
155 March 21, 2007