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Nov. 25th Phild0g Spins at MASTERDOME V

Nov 25 2006 11:00 pm
Nov 26 2006 12:58 am

Many of you old-schoolers might remember "The Masterdome" in San Bernardino. THIS PARTY WILL NOT BE THERE. It's being put on by the former owners of the Masterdome, hence the name.

Phild0g will be headlining the 3rd area (hometown heroes)

87 November 06, 2006

Hollywood Masquerade @ The Hollywood Paladium!

Oct 28 2006 8:00 pm

Ninja Skillz is proud to be joining D.A.S.K. Productions, Blue Insomnia, and Porter Tinsley in a halloween festival of freakishness at the historic Hollywood Paladium. In the 1920's Frank Sinatra was the first person to play there, now flash forward to 2006 and its Ninja Skillz, DJ Blue, Porter Tinsley, Cirque De Soleil Performers, Dancers, Monsters, and YOU!

We're really excited about this as it gives us a chance to bring our vibe and friends into a different realm.

Costumes are required!

Presale tickets are $35
At the door, they're $45

Ninja Skillz will be hosting a Asian/Middle Eastern Lounge in a retro style room opposite in the venue from the main stage. We'd love to see all you guys out and mixin it up!

General Info: 323.281.8440
Ticket Sales by Credit Card: 323.874.0716
Online Tickets:

Wear your most INSANE outfit, get that booty movin, and buy yer Uncle Saynt a drink or 12.

166 October 19, 2006

Nextaid Jayo Invitational Volleyball Tournament!

Oct 7 2006 1:00 pm
Oct 7 2006 7:00 pm

Yer uncle Saynt is VERY excited to rock it for the kiddies on the BEACH this Saturday. Come on out, shake the booty, support the future!

Saturday October 7th, Manhattan Beach by the pier

Be part of the country's most prestigious Celebrity Pro-Am Volleyball Tournament! Come play with Olympic and Tour Champions and your favorite celebrities as we raise money and awareness for children in need! Bring you kids.

House music all day long by:
Rik Sotero

After party at Sangria on Hermosa Beach Pier

House music all night long by:

144 October 06, 2006

Arcane Oasis!

Oct 14 2006 10:00 pm
Oct 15 2006 4:00 am

In a magickal realm, beyond the reach of the uninitiated,
lies a lush and green oasis. All around it stretches the
vast desert of mundane reality. Within, however,
all manner of enlightened beings gather and take their pleasure.
The sacred magicians of Egypt journey here to converse
with Nordic shamans. Celtic priests, covered in blue woad paint,
visit to dance with Babylonian sorcerers. At the edges of the oasis,
Chinese mystics commune with astral dragons perched on the
sand dunes nearby, and a genie illuminates the night with green fire.

For one night, Hipgenesis will open a portal for you to reach this mystic sanctuary.

312 October 02, 2006

Secret Council - by Michael Insane

2031, The powers that be are squeasing their imperialistic claws around the neck of the free thinking society. The Pirate council has been hunted or subjugated to the brink of their existance. The ninja Council has gone even deeper underground. The last of the true Samuri walks down rainy alleyways in a neon city searching for the SECRET COUNCIL.

57:36 minutes (8 MB)
247 September 22, 2006

Yer Ninjas, Porter Tinsley and Joplin @ the MOR this Sunday!!!!!

Sep 24 2006 7:00 pm
Sep 25 2006 2:00 am

Allright... so I KNOW its a bit last minute, but that doesn't make it ANY less of a moral imperative.... THIS SUNDAY, the 24th, Ninjas invade the Mor Bar in Santa Monica. Thats right! Full scale invasion! Sure, you could rest/recover/reflect whilest watching re-runs of Sanford and Son and Xena OR you could come out and share the evening with your special ninja homies and.... uh... their special ninja homies.
Joining us for our evening of shinanigans and general tomfoolery are none other than the Rockstar talents of PORTER TINSLEY and JOPLIN! Both long time friends and ridiculously talented DJs.

134 September 22, 2006

Coming Back...

Hola Friends and Family, Freaks and Fiends!!!

Hope that those of you who made the journey out to Black Rock City this year came back inspired, enlightened, and more in love with the people you went with or met there. Your ninja boys had some great times on the Playa this year. Some highlights include the Party with our extended family in the Red Light District, playing at DMT Lab on the esplanade, and rocking the Cique Berzerk Tent during an impromptu circus show on Saturday afternoon.

I learned alot this year. I spent the first part of my week organizing, hauling gear, and trying to coordinate shows. It was like I was trying to force things to happen. I know... big mistake. It took Mark Z, slapping some sense into me before I realized... it's not the scheduled happenings, but all of the random moments of magic that truley make the playa special. Things happen the way they will at the Burn, and you just crack a beer, take a look around with a grin, and dive into the flow. I'm eternally greatful for all of the amazing people in my life and all of the insights they toss my way. I saw some amazing art work (, heard some amazing music, and met some amazing folks. It took some decompressing before I realized the motivational and inspirational impact that this year had on my heart and my soul, but now I feel like I'm back in the saddle and looking forward to the next 50 odd weeks of creation, expression, and life. Read more »

39 September 18, 2006

Saturday, August 19th BDAY BEACH BURN!!!!!!!! ( SD )

Aug 19 2006 5:00 pm
Aug 20 2006 2:00 am

Third Annual Birthday Beach Bash!

It’s that time once again to celebrate the summer birthdays…. to honor the beautiful Leos and Virgos born under the sun. Every year, our DJ line-up gets better and better… this year, we've got some fantastic talent in store for you! Our DJ’s will include some of our favorites. :) Come on out early to watch the sunset and catch some fireworks… we’ll have a table for potluck food and birthday cake, of course. This is always a great way to have some fun before everyone heads out for the burn –quite a few of us won’t be going this year and we’d love to get together! Bring some yummies as well as fire toys, hoops, fuel, firewood and get ready for a magical summer night….

Saturday, August 19

5pm - ?

South Shores Boat Ramp (directions below)
* we’ll be at the eastern fire pit*

Set times will be posted in the near future…. here’s our line-up!

BlackAss and Chris from the Garden Mystic

Skandar of 8:39 Productions


Mark Zabala

Mike Insane



JP & Rhines

And our boy Rik Sotero from OC

South Shores Park / Boat launch ramp is located just east of Sea World in San Diego. There is ample free on-site.

From Interstate 5: Exit Sea World Drive and head west on Sea World Drive. Go approximately ¾ mile to South Shores Park Road and turn right. Follow the road into the park.
From Interstate 8: Exit interstate 5 north to Sea World Drive and head west on Sea World Drive. Go approximately ¾ mile to South Shores Park Road and turn right. Follow road into park.

See you there!

114 August 16, 2006

*Ninjas Invade theHump@Sachi* ---> Wednesday Night! ---> LongBeach

Aug 16 2006 9:00 pm
Aug 17 2006 2:00 am

*Ninjas Invade theHump@Sachi* ---> Wednesday Night!  ---> LongBeach

it's time to get down...

38 August 15, 2006

Deep and SEXY - by DJ Michael INSANe

Michael Insane has another side... think Chef from south park only in electronic music. So guess what kind of music this mix is. That's right, Deep, Sexy, House.

79:57 minutes (8 MB)
217 August 09, 2006