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New Mixes -After the AFTERPARTY

 a pic of me rocking the afterparty : a pic of me rocking the afterparty 07Like a blow torch under my ass, I just had to jump up and get back in the saddle. After the AFTERPARTY I've been laying low, working on tracks, tending to family. After the shock of January I have decided to restart the new year... Read more »

336 February 06, 2008

4th of July cooking

Picture a river boat, in the middle of 150 luxary boats. Imagine 2000 wats of pumping sound making the dress socks to the knees, newport beach homeowners nervous. Feel 150 high on life partiers dancing so much that the boat captain became sketchy. Watch as the pleasure vessels cruised by and one by one thay would circle around us and rock out to our music from 50 yards away. Sprinkle in some war stories of how people walked holes in their shoes to get there or circled the peninsula like vultures for hours trying to find parking. Add a dash of brilliant fireworks shows from the newport harbor and the Irvine downtown. Read more »

0 July 05, 2006

my new favorite song

I have to say that if you can, you all should check out...Dirty Dharma! Sick as track. That's all. - insane out

164 June 14, 2006

Strange and wonderful things

Some chill music is lightly touching my ears. It's subtle and it meshes perfectly with the cool breeze that takes the edge off of the warmth of this desert oasis. In the middle of this not so conscious moment of happiness, a simple sent waftes into my nostrils. Cool peaches, baby powder and something else. A smile creeps across me face before she touches my shoulder. "Hi Baby" says the hand caressing my arm. The hand is smooth and very familiar. It is connected to the rest of the amazing vehicle for the soul that is perfectly matched to mine. My Wife, sits with me at our favorite coffee shop. Read more »

133 June 13, 2006

Spundae! andd the wonders of deep house

I can't remember the last time I got out of breath dancing behind the decks because the vibe in the room moved me soo much. Without a doubt, Spundae goes in my top 10 list of amazing DJ experiences. It isn't because the crowd was 5000 people, it isn't because all my mixes were on point... in fact the room ccould only hold around 200 people. It was purely the vibe.. that smile on strangers faces as they rock out in auditory extacy. I got so in the moment that I started danccing rather than mixing. I made myself mess up more than a few times. Still, the people kept coming in and kept smiling and dancing and really just loving the vibe. How luck am I to have been there at that moment? Really lucky. The best part was that there were more thanjust me there... I had Mark Zabala, Phildog and Guardian there kicking ass too. Almost the whole ninja family was at hand making magic happen. I can only hope that we can continually recreate the vibe we had. What an amazing moment in my DJ career. Read more »

112 May 28, 2006