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NINJA TEK @ Los Angeles Decompression

Oct 2 2010 12:00 pm


Do those dusty dreams seem a distant memory? The big city bringing you down? No fear, Decompression is upon us! And Ninja Skillz, Bacon Without Borders and Transmorphagon have teamed together to create a stage combining our favorite things - BACON, NINJAS and EPIC SOUND!

Find us at the North end of the event, next to the bar (bacon, booze and beats!). Also look for Lee Cowen's awesome Black Rock Hexagon Theater. You may remember it from BWB 2009. We are looking forward to playing with you downtown. Get ready for some legendary shenanigans!

1-3 DJ Tronic Classic Rock Epic Throw Down
3-4 Robato
4-5 Agent V
5-6 Jokton
6-7 Travis Crandall
7-8 Pumpkin
8-9 Erik Nelson vs Marcus Edward
9-10 Hooni vs Hyjynx
10-11 divaDanielle vs Mike Insane feat Sassyfras DeVille
11-12 darkMatter vs Mark Zabala

All info including parking, ticket info and pets can be found at


0 September 28, 2010

PLUMP: Monarchy

Jul 31 2010 9:00 pm
Aug 1 2010 4:00 am

Plump presents Monarchy
July 31st, 2010
9:30pm - 4:30am

...Are you secretly a little princess? Maybe a dashing knight in the closet? Or have you always been nothing more than a miserable serf in life's bitter fifedom? And what have you become today? Show your regal side as Plump takes a crack at Monarchy! Have fun with this one...lots of ways to approach it. Meantime, we stack the decks with some heavy hitting Plump favorites: Saynt, Hooni, Pumpkin and FatFinger to finesse the main room. As Plump explores deeper tones, we're lucky to have royal talent in the lounge, some plump virgins for you to explore and adore. More surprises still to come in the gallery... Last Plump of summer!

DJ Line Up: Big Room
FatFinger (
Hooni (transmorphagon)
Pumpkin (pocket, wandering marionettes)
--extended opening set--

Ultra Lounge
mr.caparro (16bit&beyond, family affair)
Phillip Evans (
Iree (

In the Gallery: Art & Live Music
Lantz Lazwell of Wahnderlust (
Music and Curating by: Travis Winn

VJ: Disco Stu (

Regal decor, Royal madness
Imperial AlmaSound
Two Majestic Patios
Sublime Lounge area with sexy house and midtempo beats.
Kingy Full Bar, cash only.
Noblest Parking in garage next door on Carondelet, $6, open 24/7.

$15 before 10:30, $20 after
21+ only!

At our beautiful new residence, a century-old mansion!
627 S. Carondelet St.
Los Angeles, CA 90057

0 July 29, 2010

SAYNT, divaDanielle, Fatfinger, and Maven Rock Technique @ Zanzibar in Santa Monica

Jul 13 2010 9:00 pm
Jul 14 2010 2:00 am



Hosted by



// Ninja Skillz / S.F. //

// Sapient Mongrel / L.A. //

// Plump / L.A. //

and your host

// Mekka / Metastar / L.A. //

9pm- 2am
21+ w/ valid ID required

$10 cover

$5 until 11pm w/ RSVP


1301 5th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

This Is How To Do It
Every Tuesday

Presented by:

Empowered Talent

0 July 10, 2010


Jul 16 2010 12:00 pm
Jul 18 2010 12:00 pm

Listen: Between you and us... if you haven't been to Elysium, there is probably something wrong with you. We know... we still love you. Because we love you there is another chance coming up to get those buns down to Elysium for one of the best festivals and most diverse lineups of the summer. All the details are below, and we'll just assume that whatever it was, you had it checked out before the event.

Calling all Sentient Beings of the Earth and Creatures from Beyond!!!

The Elysium Mid-Summer Festival is back, and BIGGER, BADDER, and BOLDER than EVER!!!!

Come join us on the La Jolla Indian Reservation July 16-18th as we celebrate life in the key of weird!!! With two stages, a fire garden, vending bazaar, and camping amidst 100 year old oak trees and a river to float intertubes down, Elysium has been the premier San Diego Summer Festival for 5 years running.

The best DJ's, VJ's, Bands, Stilt Walkers, Fire Performers, Painters, Dancers, Hoopers, Sword Swallowers, Jugglers, Magicians, and Puppeteers on the west coast will again make Elysium their home for the weekend of July 16-18th. This is one festie you do NOT want to miss out on!!!

Check the website for more details and to purchase tickets!!! We are so excited to present our biggest Elysium ever to YOU, our friends in the community. This will be one for the ages, my friends!!!

Peace, Love, and Bangin' Beats,

The Elysium Crew

0 July 07, 2010

KABINET w/ Scorpia

Jun 12 2010 9:00 pm
Jun 13 2010 1:00 am

Imagine... it is a cold night in the Japanese countryside and you find yourself walking to a bench to find a woman weeping into a bit of cloth. Being the caring person that you are, you stop. You inquire as to the woman's woes and are deeply moved by her response. She gazes at you with liquid eyes and intimates that her lover has left her in this flurry of snow and pain to fend for herself. Concerned, you sit and offer your most colorful description of the nature of fate and the stupidity of fickle and blind men. She clings to you, her arms sliding over your shoulders as if to block out the cold.

You almost miss the blade that she has formed to her tongue as it glides across your neck... sealing your fate.

Meet the KUNOICHI. The female ninjas. As deadly... if not moreso... than their male counterparts, they are the masters of their craft and are ninjas the likes of which even the most stalwart opponent dare not offend.

Lady Scorpia is such a ninja and her lethal skillz draw you in to such an extent that your ultimate destination is of no moment, and all that matters is the beauty that lures you to ecstasy...


We're back!

On rare evenings, the dust and shadows are parted and the Kabinet Theatre is unlocked. On Saturday June 12th, the Wandering Marionettes invite you to experience the world within. The creatures and toys of the Kabinet Theatre have been tirelessly creating mischief that will tickle your imagination and leave you swooning. Let us carry you away to a world you can only imagine. Come dance. Come play.

Headlining the evening are your hosts, THE WANDERING MARIONETTES, interspersing the night with on and offstage performances including new dance, aerial, interactive theatre pieces and characters... This month join us and take part in the tale of THE TWIN, our spotlight character of the month. Read more »

0 June 11, 2010

A Midsummer's Night's Flux - Temple of Flux Fundraiser

Jun 12 2010 9:00 pm
Jun 13 2010 5:00 am

A Midsummer Night's Flux
Los Angeles Benefit for the Temple of Flux
@ Burning Man Metropolis 2010
An evening of sensory delights for your eyes, ears, and whole self celebrating 10 years of the Burning Man temple....and this year's Temple of Flux!
Saturday June 12th
9 pm - 5 am

DJs ::
Gravity [Pink Mammoth, SF]
The Loomer [Bass Ritual/Area 33]
Saadhu [Bass Ritual/Area 33]
Pyrotec [Conspiracy Lab Recordings]
Hyjynx [Ninja Skillz]

Performers ::
William Close [Earth Harp/Drum jacket]
Nancy Elizabeth [Sword/belly dance]
Miss Alikat Rose [Burlesque]
Suzy LeeLo [Fire]
Sloan [Belly dance]

Live Painting ::
Jacqueline Stewart

There will be a silent auction for both displayed artwork as well as
art created LIVE during the event!

If you can't make it out OR want to help support the temple with a larger donation, please visit our donate page:

* Since 2000, the Temple has been a place for catharsis, remembrance, and rebirth, offering Burning Man participants a physical reminder to embrace change.

Drawing its inspiration from canyons carved over time by wind and water, the Temple of Flux rises from the desert floor as a series of gracefull double-curved walls. Their wide, heavy bases taper as they ascend, leading the eye from a solid urban foundation to an increasingly fragmented upper edge as these long angles reach to the sky.

The Temple is a collaborative effort of three long-time community artists; Rebecca Anders, Jess Hobbs, and Peter Kimelman; along with numerous Burning Man communities and friends.
We have a huge range of experience and backgrounds, with one unifying vision: creating awe-inspiring, memorable art that emerges from the community and influences change.

Please be quiet in the neighborhood, respect your surroundings, and do not post to lists. Read more »

0 June 05, 2010

Opulent Temple with Karate Skillz

May 15 2010 9:00 am

Saturday, May 15th.
9pm - 6am

Opulent Temple goes La La with an underground fundraiser in the City of Angels (in association with Pantheon)

Taking our hopes for 2010 on tour, we'll be coming south to bring the Opulent beats and vibe at a proper underground spot on the west side. Combining our talents with some of LA's finest, we'll be popping some serious beat induced synergy.

Syd Gris (Opel / Opulent Temple)
Dutch (Opulent Temple)
TekFreaks (feat. Cosmic Selector & Jeff Taisch / Opulent Temple)
LA Dust Brothers:
DJ Wolfie (
Patricio (the dolab, LABA)
Jesse Wright (Pocket / The Do Lab)
Karate Skillz ( vs
Loomer (Bass Ritual/Area 33)

Visuals by Eye Vapor

Event Photographer- Curious Josh (
(but all you other photographers, feel free to bring your camera)


Area 33 has changed to a private event space that requires attendees RSVP to be on the 'member's list' for the night. To get on the members list for the night you just simply need to buy a pre-sale. No tickets can be sold at the door. There are 2 tiers of pre-sale now. $15 general admission or $40 includes admission and free cocktails all night long. We know $40 sounds high at first, but do the math for this all inclusive deal, and you'll see it's actually a great deal!

Thanks for rolling with us as we've adapted to circumstance on this fundraiser. Since this is now a pre-sale only event, if you get a pre-sale and then end up not being able to - we will refund your ticket price. We look forward to seeing every Saturday!

9pm-6am, 21+
Area 33 : 11822 Teale Street : Culver City, CA, 90230

Your funkiest threads requested.
On facebook:

0 May 12, 2010

Lightning in a Bottle!

May 28 2010 12:00 pm
May 30 2010 12:00 pm

Thats right sexies! SAMMY BLISS, The BODYROCK DJs, and Yer Carnie Uncle SAYNT are atwitter like little girls at the prospect of appearing at this year's Lightning in a Bottle in Irvine. All of us will be schleping it down from the Bay Area, and we've missed you! So... it'll be like a crazy reunion! With booze! And hippies! YAY! Not to mention that we'll be appearing with the likes of BOOKA SHADE, ADAM FREELAND, BLUETECH, and SANDRA COLLINS.

Combine amazing art, next-level production, beautiful people, and one of the most comprehensive lineups ever conceived of by man.... ever. Now you have some idea of what to expect. SO... yer ninja palz require your attendance. Dust off that tent, pack some extra beer, and hustle the hotness to LIB.

For More Info, Tickets, and Madness

0 April 27, 2010

Pantheon Presents: Absinthe

May 1 2010 10:00 pm
May 2 2010 6:00 am

Pantheon Presents: Absinthe
Saturday May 1st
Two rooms to enjoy
10pm to 6 am
10$ presale, 15$ at the door
( for presales)

remember the days, when people would put effort into decorating a space, and putting effort into the vibe of the party, instead of just plopping down a pair of speakers? A party where you could dress up a little if you felt like it- Corsets and Boas, A Jacket from another era? Back when people would pay attention to lighting, and there would be a lounge to sit and talk with your friends? And people would make you grilled cheese sandwiches at 4 am? This is a back to fabulous party.


Baron Samedi's Elixir Voodoo Bistro
With Absinthe drinks "the green fairy" and several other
spectacular concoctions

Corset Contest hosted by
Porter Tinsley and divaDanielle

Byan Buzz hand painting,
featuring you as the canvas

Agent Cupcake will be doing a portrait gallery,
to capture the beauty of your presence

Musical performers for the evening, In two separate parlors:

Upstairs lively dancing:
Dj eEvil (Pantheon)
Dj Wolfie(Pantheon)
Genesis ( Blue insomnia, Lady Lush)
Jesse Wright (Do Lab, Pocket Underground)
Saadu (Bass Ritual)
Jacques The Ripper
Funguy (

Downstairs lounging beats:
Faith (Sapient Mongrel)
Scorpia (Ninjaskillz)
Pumpkin ( Pocket Underground)
Dj Sandbag

Location: The Red Loft
440 seaton st, LA CA 90013 for more details.

Located at The Red Loft, featuring much more space than usual.
440 Seaton St, los angeles, ca 90013

Facebook invite:

0 April 27, 2010

Burners Without Borders Presents: Human Translation

Mar 20 2010 9:00 pm
Mar 21 2010 4:00 am

Burners without Borders presents: Human Translation

A loft party March 20th, 9pm to 4am.
$10 at the door
at the Red Loft -downtown Los Angeles.
440 Seaton St, los angeles, ca 90013

A wonderful evening of music, photography, and discovery.

Music for the evening:
Diem (BWB Seattle)
Buck AE Down (from the mutaytor)
Dj Scotty (
Dj Scorpia (ninjaskillz)
Dj Eevil
and your host for the night, Dj Wolfie.

All proceeds go to Human Translation's project in cambodia to educate impoverished children, and provide clean drinking water.

We will have a photo gallery of cambodia by Josh Liberman

Tobais Rose-Stockwell from Human Translation will give a 5 minute talk.

Jon Ray from Burners Without Borders will be there to answer any questions
you may have about how to get involved with BWB.

Burners without Borders (BWB) is a grassroots, volunteer-driven,
community leadership organization whose goal is to unlock the creativity of local communities,
to solve problems and bring about meaningful change.

Human Translation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to translating compassion into action.
It employs a mission that begins with empowerment: Through anti-poverty programs in Southeast Asia,
Human Translation works closely with thousands of villagers in the rural countryside living on less than two dollars per day.

Human Translation built a reservoir that saved the villagers food supply and economy.
Here's the story of what has already been accomplished, and what they are creating now:

For more information, to help out with the night, and all other comments
please contact or visit

0 March 19, 2010