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May 24 2012 12:00 pm
May 28 2012 6:00 pm

The Do LaB is proud to present Lightning in a Bottle happening Memorial Day Weekend, May 24th - 28th 2012, in Silverado, California.

The annual festival features Art, Music, Workshops, Yoga, Performances, Camping and Sustainability. Choose your own adventure!

A Message of Celebration for 2012:

Happy 2012! As we all embark on this exciting (and perhaps historic) new year, we would like to take a moment to share our intentions for the Do LaB community and Lightning in a Bottle festival. Whether prophesied, or simply the true state of affairs, our community, our nation, and our planet face great change at this particular moment in time. We invite you all to embrace this change and continue celebrating life and our incredible human spirit during these tumultuous times. Though our problems seem many, and solutions difficult, we must remember to approach them with grace, love and celebration for in this attitude lies our best way forward.

LIB has always been about discovering and enacting a different way of living. A way that is more in touch with the earth, with each other, and with ourselves. As the pace of change continues to accelerate all around us, and old ways of thinking begin to reach their logical and useful ends, LIB continues to expand its spiritual and educational aspects so that we, as a community, may boldly embrace and lead the way into this new world. The Temple of Consciousness will be bigger than ever this year and will include inspiring new structures for the yoga and meditation area, as well as the beautiful area for speakers and workshops in the heart of the Temple. At the same time, we have a music and performance lineup brewing (scheduled to be released in March) that could be our best yet and is sure to awaken the celebration of dance that we hold so dear.

We are so happy and proud of the way LIB has been able to continue to grow and mature, while continuing to preserve that indescribable vibe we have all come to love so much. We thank everyone that participates in this event, from the volunteers and the musicians, to the painters, builders, artists and crew, and especially to you for contributing to that feeling that makes everyone feel so welcome and happy to join us in capturing lightning in a bottle, year after year.

We can't wait to see you smiling again, bringing your incredible energy and understanding to help us make Lightning in a Bottle 2012 our greatest year ever!

--- Tickets ---
Tickets are now on sale:

--- Music Line-Up ---

The Glitch Mob
Lucent Dossier Experience
Apparat Live
Big Gigantic
Star Slinger
Lee Burridge
Nick Warren
NiT GriT
Random Rab
Alexi Delano
Robot Koch
Justin Martin
Sidecar Tommy
Jesse Rose
Michal Menert
Direwire ft. David Satori
Jeremy Sole
Tim Xavier
Russ Liquid
Derek VanScoten (D.V.S*)
DJ Laura
Mikael Stavöstrand
Derek Marin
El Papachango, Adham Shaikh, Android Cartel, Kalya Scintilla, Marley Carroll, Akara Project, Cello Joe, Fabian Alsultany Shawna, Jupit3r, Hopscotch, GoldRush, Gravity, Malarky, Lafa Taylor, Sammy Bliss, idiot Savant, SaQi Ensemble, Lila Rose, Fanna Fi Allah, Octopus Nebula, Imagika, Thriftworks, Sorne, Shovelman, HYJYNX, Gruvhaus, QUADE, Rafe Pearlman & Mahadev, Anton Tumas, The Human Experience, Rafael Araujo, Sweet Anomaly, Zach Moore, Mikey Lion, The Fungineers, Justin Levi & Grant Kaye, Mortar & Pestle, Red Sonya, Tim Herrlein, Mystic Pete. Visit to preview all the music.

--- Lucent Temple of Consciousness Lineup ---


Rev Michael Beckwith “Founder & Spiritual Director, Agape Spiritual Center”
Barbara Marx Hubbard “Becoming a Universal Species”
Mirabai Devi “Awakening into Divine Love” · Don Tolman “Whole Food Medicine Cowboy” ·
Sean David Morton “Extraterrestrial Contact” ·
Nicki Scully “Egyptian Mysticism and Planetary Healing” · Sebastian Copeland “Antarctica: The Global Warning” ·Daniel Pinchbeck “2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl” · Kute Blackson “Love Now” · Dream Rockwell “Shine your Light” ·HeartMath “Our Sympathetic Nervous System Decoded” · BASHAR “Channel: Extraterrestrial Intelligence” · Khrystos“Channel: A collection of higher consciousness Beings”· Panels: Council of Elders & Women in Leadership
plus over 20 more enlightening discussions from adventurers, scientists, spiritual warriors, and innovators. Visit for the full lineup.

Yoga and movement:

Micheline Berry · Ashley Turner · Mark Whitwell · Jo Tastula ·
Tony Giuliano & Steve Gold · Suzanne Sterling · Travis Eliot · Daniel Stewart · Kia Miller ·Tommy Rosen · Kishan Shah · Kenny Graham · Sofiah Thom · Michelle Bouvier · Patti Quintero · Gianna Deflice ·Kiyomi Takahashi with DJ Fabian Alsultany · Maura Rassman & Patrick Brady · Shawn Bisi · Nicole Doherty + Dj Marques Wyatt + The Joyful Warrior · Shayn Almeida · Radha Divine · Jocelyn Gordon · Jocelynn Rudig
plus over 10 more yoga, movement and dance workshops in a variety of styles and skill levels. Visit for the full lineup.


Grow Your Own Spirulina · Make Your Own Beer · Glass Blowing · Creating Your Own Relationship Paradigms: Beyond Polyamory or Monogamy · Dr. DREAM and the Band of Angels · Ecstatic Breath Journey · Clowning 101 · Create a Delicious Herbal Tonic · Edible Forest Hike · Music Production & Performance with Ableton Live · Ecstatic Dance · Evolving through Astrology · Erotic Intelligence · Divine Playground 3rd Eye Movement and Sound Activation · Cacao-alchemy Ceremony · Songwriting · Lightning Without a Bottle · Indian Temple Dance · Aquarius Dawns: The Shamanic Artist and the Rise of the Wounded Healer
Over 30 more workshops will provide fun and educational activities to attendees for the duration of the festival. See for full lineup.

Temple Music:

SORNE · Octopus Nebula · Fanna-fi-Allah · Kalya Scintilla ·
Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe · Rafe Pearlman & Mahadev · Adham Shaikh · Imagika · Youssoupha Sidbe · Sheila Govindarajan · Fabian Alsultany · Akara · Kim Manning & GrooveSessions · Avari Tantric Sound Journey
Over 20 artists will be performing World Temple Music between classes and speakers, encompassing indigenous sounds from cultures around the world. For a complete Temple music lineup, visit

--- Lightning Buses and Carpool ---

Take a Lightning Bus from Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego or Santa Barbara to LIB. Or find carpool buddies from anywhere in the country!

--- Participate & Connect ---

Links to the Volunteer, Vendor, Workshop, and other participant forms are now live on the LIB website.


Ticket Questions email:
General Inquiries email:

"Leave it Better, Leave it Beautiful"


Oak Canyon Ranch
Silverado, CA

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