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Grateful Fridays

Nov 4 2011 8:00 pm
Nov 5 2011 1:30 am

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GRATEFUL FRIDAYS This Friday in "The Mystical Garden- Entrance"
*Enter through the back of Vanguard Only"

... 7:30- 2:00 PM CONSCIOUS CONVERGENCE, TRANSPARENCY & THE HARMONIC DANCE! Each step of the way we have the opportunity to give and receive. This week our focus is on flow and the harmonic dance when we meet each-other this Friday, come with the intention be present to the offerings that each person, place or thing is giving to you and give back to them as a replica of time and space re-presenting. MAKE IT YOUR INTENTION TO GIVE AND RECEIVE.

Click here:

Garden features musical gifts:

★ Live performance 10:30pm
Brad Standley & The Foxflies

★ DJ sets {outside at the Buddha Lounge Area}
11:30pm Miss Genesis
12:30am Mark Zabala

★ Indoor Acts tba

~~~~~~~~~~~ SCHEDULE OF ABUNDANCE (outdoors) ~~~~~~~~~~

Please come early for desired programming, we are committed to being on time.

Face and Body Painting
by Macie Sue, Siri Khalsa and Natalia Iswara

8:00PM DOORS: Come early for HAPPINESS Hour 8:00- 11:11PM

Conscious Convergence Leadership Meeting.......
Leaders, Visionaries, Shifters, and Lifters all come together every Friday to Share their dreams, projects, skills, and needs so that efforts that were once separate and powered individually may collaborate and power each other.

Step-up and into your POWER so that YOUR COMMUNITY will continue to grow in to the hearts of the world. Be a part of Grateful Fridays Leadership activating our mission to *seed light* in and around the WORLD by activating your creative energy.
Create a clearing for each other in a guided exercise to vent our challenges and move into a collective space of being Grateful.

We introduce new people with quick precision
We Share Our Grateful Mission and Intention
We Update on Various Grateful Happenings and Projects, Our Community and the World around us.

Inspirational Short Film and/presentation from someone making a difference in the world now.

Motivational Presentation on a conscious project just starting out.

Activating Presentation that empowers us

Our Charity for the Week and our Commitment to Inclusivity and Abundance for All!!! Much Love and Gratitude!!!

★9:00PM-9:30PM Dr. Sarah Larsen

Dr. Sarah Larsen is an Holistic MD, Nutritional Counselor, 3rd Generation Palm Reader and Prosperity Coach. She is an Internationally known speaker on Well Being, Immortality and Hand Analysis. Her approach has been described as merging ancient wisdom and modern medicine for optimal living!

For thousands of years the fountain of youth and immortality cells have been known to exist. Dr. Sarah Larsen will reveal these ancient secret. Generations of Tibetan Monks, Master Yogis and Mystics have passed down a series of exercises with age-reversing properties. What to expect: meditation: that will activate the Immortality cells or stem cells in our heart. Tibetan Rites...Immortality waters! Visit

★9:30-10:00PM Yoga: Jan's Hatha Flow Yoga will be facilitating a Hatha Flow Yoga session which incorporates Chaturanga Flow in between standing Hatha Yoga poses. The poses themselves will flow from standing to sitting to supine. We will end with a very relaxing Savasana. Namaste.

★10:30-11:30 Brad Standley & The Foxflies
★11:30-12:30 Miss Genesis
★12:30-? Mark Zabala

***Weekly Surprise Musical Guests***


A night of live performance, music, art and fashion, featuring:

MASSAGE provided by H20 Massage Pros

Rawkstar Foods will be bringing the major yum with, Organic, Vegan chocolates, sweets and treats!

Krishna Kitchen and Govindas will be providing Hot Indian Food!

Rehmannia and the Shaman Shack will be there giving consultations and bags of goodness!

Organic Chocolate Confections~Feather Hair Extensions and Adornments~Tarot Readings, Airbrushing Face & Body Painting, Light Saber Dancing, Live Art, Massage...and MORE!!

Artists & Live Painters ~

***Han-see Haveron***
***Rahdhika Hersey***
*** John Park***
***Tommy Tejada***

House Photographer ~ David Flores

Visuals by Aspeckt Ratio and Christopher Martins~
20% or $111. A portion of the proceeds will go to support the non profit. Sign up here:

By Healing ourselves... we heal the world.... we invite you to get a massage and/or healing by our highly trained and intuitive team of healers that will be on site. Half of your contribution will be donated directly to healing trauma worldwide!!

By feeding ourselves with organic nourishing foods that contain the minerals, enzymes, and nutrients that sustain the function of our highly advanced bio-electric machinery of our bodies and minds, we achieve higher function and balance and a portion of the proceeds go to Charity.

Rawkstar Foods will be providing delicious and Healthy desserts and treats... Go grab a coconut from them if you need to Hydrate...

A PORTION OF PROCEEDS GO TO HOW (Helping Others Worldwide) 501C3 Nonprofit. HOW is an organization dedicated to raising awareness and knowledge about trauma, and to healing and empowering individuals across the globe through therapeutic methods of art, education & vocational training.

MASSAGE provided by H20 Massage Pros

~ "Realm of Raven" Originals.
~ Valou Jewelry
~Spirit Hoods
~ Starseed Jewelry
~Premo Plugz
~A Tear and a Smile Designs by Ariel
~ S&G Clothing by Sequoia and Gita
~ A.D 2013 Clothing
~Mieka May
~LulU Christine Designs
~QueenKing Designs by Tonya King
~ Sacred Wood Essence - Palo Santo Products
~ Gaia Alchemy Raw, hand crafted Chinese medicinal Chocolates
~ Veev Acai Organic Mixologist Bar
~ Pieces of Natalia.. custom jewelry creation station
~ Rawkstar Foods-Sweets and Treats

Brought to you by the Cafe Gratitude extended community. S&G Clothing by Sequoia & Gita, A.D. 2013, Veev Acai Spirit, O.N.E. Coconut Water, Kevita, High Country Kombucha, and Cell-Nique Organic Super Drink.

DOORS: Come early for HAPPINESS Hour 7:30- 11:11PM Is a SUGGESTED CONTRIBUTION of $22 at the door. All levels of contribution welcome until 11:11PM after 11:11PM it will be $22 to enter.

DOOR POLICY- An open door policy
We are committed to inclusivity and abundance for all, we are a community supporting each individual of trade. Which means, if you are unable to provide a cash exchange to experience Hollywood convergence and emergence, we have ANOTHER way for you to be involved. Your contribution of time is a value to us! Please email to offer your service inkind for a CERTIFICATE OF CARING. This CERTIFICATE OF CARING is valued as entry at any of our weekly events.

Tell them you are there for Grateful Fridays and get a parking discount. ♥

*All Photographers Welcome! Ask us about content and ambassadorship programs.

Vendor Set up. For more information email us. All vendors welcome. *Please email


6021 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028

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