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DIRTY - Michael Insane

Its not about ‘Sexy’ … its about SEX!


1. Stronger Sound feat. Toni (Original) __ Faarsheed feat Toni
2. Fuck Me __ Angel F __ To The Point Edit
3. Liquor Junkie __ Original Mix
4. Speakeasy __ Alex Kidd Remix
5. Milk __ Honey Original Mix
6. Bass Monkeys __ Original Vocal Mix
7. Sex 101 __ feat Laya Bella Original Mix
8. Taste Me __ Original Mix
9. You’re My fix __ Utah Saints Remix
10. I Wanna Feel Ya __4 On The Floor Mix __Back Door Hussies

Cover (front)
277 January 24, 2009
  • DJ Michael Insane on Sat, 01/24/2009 - 6:12pm

    Its been a long time coming... but here it is... another release from Michael Insane. Over the last year some amazing people have put out some incredible music, both original and mixes... however, I felt like everyone was so preoccupied with the art that they forgot the down and dirty source. This mix is about the primal things that we all think about but often times find less kras ways to say. And, dare I say some of us just bottle it up inside and don't say anything at all. Let this set sort of mark my return from hiatus and give you inspiration on what you may want to get into later that night. Enjoy!

    Ronin unite!