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Alma Paradiso - 3 Day Full Moon Beach Party

Jun 9 2006 11:00 am
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Alma Paradiso - Full Moon Beach Party, June 9-11, 2006
3 days of Dancing, Playing and Enjoying Life Together

On a private beach resort in Baja, Mexico
located only 45 minutes past the border

Tickets now available at

The Ocean...

Most of us see it, but we take it for granted. We live by it, but we don’t have the time to understand it. This body of water is the matrix of life. Each wave is yet another fountain of life, and each has traveled thousands of miles carrying a unique message in every single ripple. Let’s celebrate our existence by acknowledging the energies that are transported to our shores. Let’s use this special weekend to share the messages that have traveled so far to get to us.

Ninja Skillz and Blue Insomnia invite you back beyond the border of our country to create, dream, laugh, sing, dance, build, play, chill, and anything that our brilliant minds can do at the behest of our spirits to find the divine pulse within ourselves and within each other. We depart for an exotic beach in Baja, Mexico... a brilliant shore where the sun casts its glory endlessly so that no fragment of its majesty is lost to darkness and the waters are so like the stuff of myth. We've called upon the energies of the most accomplished musical talents, performers, and creative souls to lay the path before you. Now you get to walk it.

Enjoy the longest days of summer during a full moon weekend. We have over 30 talented musicians, fire performers and DJs waiting to rock out at this summer Full Moon Beach Party. Camp on the beach with 400 of your friends along with Southern California’s top DJs playing house, breaks, progressive and more. By sundown, drum circles will take over after a special tribal set by DJ Saynt. So bring out your drums and beat to the rhythm of the Baja beach.

Friday and Saturday night will be a full moon beach party with live music and fire performances from Machina Candeo, Phoenix Projekt, Flametamers, The Octopus and Glycerin as well as beats, drinks and all night dancing on the beach with your favorite DJs.

Saturday afternoon the Blue Angels will be hosting the Break Beat Bar with delicious Blue mixers along with premium beer while you play on the warm Baja beach, make the biggest sand castle, jet ski or just sun bathe and enjoy the beach activities. We are hosting the first annual tutu volleyball tournament on Saturday. So put on your favorite tutu and come out to play. Special prizes will be given out to the most creative tutu as well as the winning team.

Alma Paradiso is a three day event starting Friday June 9-11. Do yourself a favor and take that Friday off. Once again, let us take you to a place to set your soul free, let your imagination run wild and let the sound of the tribal beats keep your spirit alive.

As a community, we work hard towards the highest level of consciousness. We take our existence seriously and are thankful for what has been given to us. In return, we go to great lengths to find places to give to and replenish our souls. Many of us experienced Fuente Eterno together. It wasn’t easy getting there, but it was above and beyond what we all expected. Let us experience yet another adventure together. Let us share an entirely new experience, one that is often forgotten.

We don’t want you to work too hard to free your souls. Just put some gas in your car, grab your friends and come to play with us for this amazing weekend


Blue (,
Saynt (
Wolfie (
PorterTinsley (
Jesse Wright (
Sammy Bliss (
Victor Dinaire (,
Jonathan Brae (, CSL records)
20meat:6fry (,
Mark Zabala (
Sandbag (,
Moody Moore (
Skandar (8:39 Production)
Nick the Neck
Guardian (
Hyjynx (
Jonah (Purple Turtle)
PhilD0g (, Stormriders)
BB (Playa Monkey)
Death Metal Brian (8:39 Production)
Brutus (8:39 Production)
JP & Rhines (
DJ Hymn (

Live Performance:
Phoenix Projekt (
Machina Candeo (
Glycerine (
The Octopus (
Belly Dancing

ONLY $50 for this 3 day event!
For complete information and to get your tickets before it sells out, visit:

Blue Insomnia & Ninja Skillz

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