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Ninja Skillz Presents: The Students & The Sensei

Dec 7 2012 9:00 pm
Dec 8 2012 2:00 am

Our next installment of Ninja Skillz Presents is titled "The Students and the Sensei" for a damn fine reason: the dazzling beat mistress divaDanielle happens to be both Will and Sendai's Sensei in the fine art of making da booty shake.

For Will, the journey of becoming a DJ started shortly after returning from his first Burn in 2009. Flashback to August of 2009, our Ole Carnie Uncle Saynt had suggested over dinner that Will (or Kimmie) should consider giving DJing a try. While riding on an Art Car called Jabba's Palace (Bacon without Borders, woooohooo!!) Will described the dinner scene to Diva and she quite matter-of-factly said "You should do it!" Will replied, "Will you teach me?"

Being the wonderful, kind, and generous person that she is, Diva took the large, earth-roaming mammal under her wing and shared with him the fine art of DJing. It's been a magical 3 years of booty shaking ever since......

djSendai is apparently too in demand to send me his story about how diva took him on as a student. So let's just make one up!

djSendai was buck naked on a railroad track heading nowhere when all of a sudden a wee lass with DDs was riding a Unicorn and said "You there, naked boy. Would you like to learn the fine are of making booties shake"? The rest of the story cannot be told here due to fuzzy details. But the first part was totally true.

(Sendai's after-thoughts -- the real story is indeed, very fuzzy. Needless to say it almost certainly involved spending too much time in some sort of haze with Diva & crew either in Glendale or Venice. At my first public outing - thanks to Diva - I'm fairly sure I was running on at best, 2 hours of sleep, and was so faded from a long night beforehand at Area33 I held myself up with the equipment. Here's the results --

****Special note: We'll be celebrating two birthdays on this night for two wonderful and lovely ladies: the Dance Machine Jenn Bowen and Miss CherryPie!****



divaDanielle (Shade)

Will Levine (Ninja Skillz, Cruz Coalition)

djSendai (Tiki Fuckos, Beyond Basecamp)

0 December 05, 2012