Dustination: Underworld

Oct 27 2012 8:00 pm
Oct 28 2012 2:00 pm

Welcome to the Dustination 4th annual Halloween Festival!

Here's your portal to purchase tickets.
password: "getdusty"
** Private event -- Location to be revealed **

This year we have summoned mighty forces to open a portal into the Underworld--a dark, sexy world of mysterious beings, beautiful beasts, devils and angles.

We will guide you through these netherlands and entertain you with two areas of sound featuring live performances and a host of spirited DJ's.

13 musical time slots featuring:

-◦• Live Performances by Ghostlight Gypsies (Burning Opera)

-◦• Afroux A'Mundaca

-◦• Diva Danielle (Shade)

-◦• FatFinger (Project Alma)

-◦• Hooni (Transmorphagon/Project Alma)

-◦• Jacques the Ripper (Kundalini Lounge)

-◦• Janneke (Steampunk Saloon)

-◦• Loomer (Cruz Coalition/D1sor1ent)

-◦• Marcus Edwards (Ninja Skillz)

-◦• Mark Zabala (Ninja Skillz)

-◦• ToMaSu (Transmorphagon)

-◦• The Fuzz (Camp Charley / 00 Bliss)

-◦• Will Levine (Cruz Coalition, Ninja Skillz)

Other Arts:

-◦• Auditory manipulation by Kenji (L-n-H)

-◦• Portrait photography by Turo

-◦• Live blacksmithing by Christian the Blacksmith

If you want to receive an invitation to future events join our group page. Once you are a member of our group you will be the first in line for info and tickets to all our future events! https://www.facebook.com/groups/dustination/



Located in Alta Dena, CA. Exact location will be sent to your e-mail address upon purchasing your pre-order ticket.

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