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« Saturday July 14, 2012 »

Project Alma & Pandora MobileArtVenue present:
Celebrating a New Paradigm for Community and Family

You walk amidst the frenzied minds of the mundane world everyday, wishing you could break free from the confines of a fearful, traditional society, and re-write the rules. You exude love and redefine friendship everyday with the bonds you make in your alter-community, your chosen family. Among this default world, you search for other denizens of this emergent conscious society you belong to, and find opportunities to gather with them to celebrate the uniqueness of every one of us and to abandon yourselves in blissful dance and personal expression. You...are Conflux.

The Conflux festival is an exercise in community building, an exploration of the meaning of family in the modern day, and a celebration of the creativity found in every one of us. Conflux is a temporary community with renewed principles based on respect, inclusion and freedom of expression. Through various workshops, interactive arts activities, spontaneous celebration, dance and by putting our philosophy into action, we will explore a new paradigm for community and family.

Conflux is part of an emergent school of thought, which espouses such principles as: radical inclusion, radical self reliance and self expression, decomodification, communal effort, civic responsibility, participation, immediacy, gifting, leave no trace, green living, and community education. Join us for a weekend of transformational community building, in a grande celebration of beauty and of life itself. The event will benefit the non-profit LA League of Arts.

Workshops by:
Doug Campbell (Co-founder, Mindshare)
Tangee Veloso-Pueblos (Founder, Family Love Village)
Jeremy Weinglass (Founder, Men's League Los Angeles)
Eva Lea (Family Love Village/Project Alma)
Crystal D'Angora (The Yogi Tree/FLV)
more TBA...

Musical Guests:
Tek Freaks (SF, Opulent Temple)