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Secret Council - by Michael Insane

2031, The powers that be are squeasing their imperialistic claws around the neck of the free thinking society. The Pirate council has been hunted or subjugated to the brink of their existance. The ninja Council has gone even deeper underground. The last of the true Samuri walks down rainy alleyways in a neon city searching for the SECRET COUNCIL.

57:36 minutes (8 MB)
247 September 22, 2006

BEST of BOX 2006 by Michael InsanE

I dug through the crates and found my favorite tracks from the last year. Most of them are actually new tracks that I am playing right now. So, now you know that I really like what I am playing right now :) Enjoy the BEST of my BOX 2006.

60:00 minutes (8 MB)
158 February 08, 2007

Vegas by Michael Insane

67:15 minutes (8 MB)
234 August 07, 2007

Edge of Reason by Michael Insane

When you stare into the Abyss, what stares back at you? Is it fear, is it regret, is it shame or is it love?covercover

54:37 minutes (8 MB)
162 January 26, 2008

AFTER the AFTERPARTY by Michael Insane

When a fantastic time eventually comes to an end I always get that sad lonely feeling because I don't want it to be over. The Afterparty was one of those moments. Here I am now, months, a many life lessons later experiencing a rebirth. This is After the AFTERPARTY. Enjoy. One of the better nights I have had as an LA DJ!  Thank you everyone.  (Pic courtesy of Read more »

64:53 minutes (8 MB)
300 February 19, 2008

DIRTY - Michael Insane

Its not about ‘Sexy’ … its about SEX!


1. Stronger Sound feat. Toni (Original) __ Faarsheed feat Toni
2. Fuck Me __ Angel F __ To The Point Edit
3. Liquor Junkie __ Original Mix
4. Speakeasy __ Alex Kidd Remix
5. Milk __ Honey Original Mix
6. Bass Monkeys __ Original Vocal Mix
7. Sex 101 __ feat Laya Bella Original Mix
8. Taste Me __ Original Mix
9. You’re My fix __ Utah Saints Remix
10. I Wanna Feel Ya __4 On The Floor Mix __Back Door Hussies

51:42 minutes (8 MB)
277 January 24, 2009