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The Journey North - by Mark Zabala

A Journey North is a Breaks mix dedicated to my best friend Melissa (aka Bunny). She moved to Seattle, and this mix reflects all the crazy times we've had in past seven years we've known each other. It is a non-vocal narrative journey that goes from the awe and wonder of the unknown to confident and fresh fun. It progresses further into uncharted and adventurous territorties that can become dark and frightening at times, but acceptance of that experience pulls us out of those period and develops into a bright and wonderful present and future.

68:01 minutes (8 MB)
158 June 21, 2006

House Music for Really Hot Chicks

Enjoy this. It is reflective of the deeper sound I've been digging lately.

And chicks dig it.

And cuz I can.

Uncle Saynt loves ya!

50:45 minutes (8 MB)
247 January 29, 2008